Integrating with slappers / NPCs


Many want to integrate WaterdogPE with NPCs to be able to transfer players by clicking an NPC.

General integration

The integration can easily be done by running a command to transfer the player. You can either run that command sudoing the user or supply a player argument.
Optionally, if you have your own NPC plugin, you can just implement the transfer method in the code.

PMMP3 slapper

Integration with PM3's famous slapper plugin is quite simple. First of all, make sure you have a plugin on your PM server that implements a transfer command. For example:

After you have that plugin installed, you can simply add the transfer command with your desired arguments to the NPC.

Common mistake

The most common mistake is that people try to use /wdsend. That won't work, as /wdsend is a proxy command and now known to the downstream server.

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